AMAZING GRACE is a filmed record of the two nights, in January 1972, during which Aretha Franklin recorded the gospel performances that became the celebrated live double album “Amazing Grace.” It remains not only the best-selling gospel record of all time, but the best-selling album of Franklin’s 50-year career. She was then at the height of her stardom, with 20 albums and 11 number-one singles (“Respect,” “Chain of Fools,” “Think,” etc.) under her belt, and she wanted to do a record that honoured the formative gospel roots of her youth.

Warner Bros. hired director Sydney Pollack to film the sessions, and we see Pollack wandering around the church, directing the action and at one point holding the camera. But for technical reasons, the project wound up getting shelved. Now lovingly restored and assembled, AMAZING GRACE can stand as an essential filmed record of what is undoubtedly one of the greatest gospel performances. Franklin was not just a great singer, as one reviewer noted, she was a human chariot.

With: Aretha Franklin, the Reverend James Cleveland, C.F. Franklin, the Southern California Community Choir plus cameos of Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts

AMAZING GRACE  is two days of Baptist church condensed to 90 minutes and injected directly into your soul. –
“One of the great music films.” – The New York Times


Tickets: $11 Adult, $10 with Film Buff Card, $8 Youth.

All prices include HST.

Doors open 45 minutes before showtime. General admission seating, tickets at the door.

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