People need music & artists need people! Introducing Live on the Lawn.
Choose from a great roster of local artists and host an intimate concert on your lawn. As a host, you can choose a single set (45min) for $175 or a double set (1hr 30min) set for $300  only $250! (100% of fee goes to the artist for a full show). It’s a great opportunity to support local artists and enjoy and intimate concert in the comfort of your own home. So get your friends and family together and all chip in for show!
Choose from an amazing roster that includes: David Chamberland, Dan Froese, Rose Meuse & Nathan Waterman, Paul O’Brien & Scott Henderson, Noelle Lucas & Friends, Rachel & Noah, Caleb Miles,  Theresa Porter & The 3 of THeM, James Stevenson, Lynnea Rose, and Clayton Murray. Scroll down for details about the roster.
Pick the performer(s) you want and the dates that work for you.



By filling out a booking request below we can match you, as the host, with your preferred artist and schedule your performance. After connecting you with your chosen artist, just click the button below to pay for your one-of-a-kind show! 
If you have any questions you can email or call our box office at (902) 532-7704.

Please note that although your audience of 10 may mingle and be in close proximity to one another, please ensure you have proper space to allow for social distancing between the artists and the audience. Additionally, while most of the artists will perform acoustic, some will require a working outlet and extension cable for amplified equipment (ie Noelle Lucas & Friends, James Stevenson, and Paul O’Brien & Scott Henderson).



Dan picked up a violin for the first time over 30 years ago. For some unknown reason, at 6 years old, he begged his parents for a chance to play the violin. After many years of study and a variety of contexts, the music carries on. Dan loves to play, compose, and improvise music; leaning toward both classical and folk styles.



Clayton studied guitar at Capilano in BC and plays some very sweet Classical and Jazz. You’ll fall in love with his smooth melodies!



Rachel Edwards & Noah Scanlan began performing together in 2012 play a unique catalog of material including jazz standards, classic country, songs from 1940s-1960s cinema, soul hits, and fun retro pop gems. Rachel sings and Noah plays the guitar. They love digging into the details that make these older tunes so lovely, memorable, and fun.



Scott Henderson has been immersed in traditional and contemporary folk and celtic music for over 30 years and plays an array of pipes, flutes and whistles as well as Irish bouzouki and DADGAD guitar. Scott is joined by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Paul O’Brien on guitar, bouzouki, bodhran and Irish tenor banjo who brings an adept knowledge of the music and a sensitivity to arrangements.

*Note that Scott Henderson & Paul O’Brien perform with amplified equipment and will need a working outlet and an extension cable*



Mi’kmaq flute player Rose Meuse and her bass, guitar and mandolin playing husband, Nathan Waterman, play in many different types of venues, including spiritual retreats and community events. Rose is from Bear River First Nation and loves how the flute can be a tool for deeper healing. Nathan grew up in Bear River and loves music and recording. He has played in many bands in New York.



Noelle Lucas (piano and vocals) is joined by Paul Purcell (bass and vocals) and Elizabeth Rhymer (percussion and vocals) to create an evening of musical fun. Smooth harmonies and a free-ranging repertoire full of great tunes and the occasional musical adventure. Singing and dancing encouraged.

*Note that Noelle Lucas and Friends perform with amplified equipment and will need a working outlet and an extension cable*


David’s performances can be described as “eclectic.” He sings music of all genres, in both English and French. Never without a touch of humour, he thrives on creating a connection with his audience. Listeners are encouraged to become participants, and will often dance to his djembe rhythms, clap, or even sing along with him.



Lynnea Rose is charming her way into the hearts of folk, Celtic and country fans alike. Since the release of her debut album “Lynnea Rose” in 2013, she has graced audiences all across Canada, sharing with them her beautiful voice, heartfelt songwriting and genuine stage presence. Stylistically, Lynnea Rose has been compared to Alison Krauss and The Rankins, with her song-writing reminiscent of Sarah Harmer and Gillian Welch.



James plays guitar with ease and grace in many genres from country, gospel to jazz. He has been recognized for his capabilities by a wide variety of audience at many events over the years. Born into a musical family in Annapolis Royal in 1940, he taught himself to play guitar at the age of 13 “and played it until there was only one string was left”.

*Note that James Stevenson performs with amplified equipment and will need a working outlet and an extension cable*



From traditional favorites to classic rock, new country to Irish/Celtic, old jazz to blues, Theresa Lynn Porter is able to sing it all. Theresa Porter, Harold Clapp and Mike Donnelly make up The 3 of THeM, and play songs from as far back as 1913 and as new as to 2018. Their easy listening style of performing jazz, blues and country favorites, as well as originals compilations, brings a refreshing side of familiar songs.



Caleb Miles is a guitarist and singer-songwriter based in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. He performs solo and with The Hupman Brothers Band. He also plays drums for indie-rockers Dayliner. Caleb’s solo performances showcase his original songs as well as his eclectic tastes in the roots of rock’n’roll.


Click the Request Show button to send us your booking request. Select what type of show you’d like (ie 45 min or 90 min), which artist you would like to see, your preferred date and time, and your contact information. Please offer an additional 2-4 dates that you are also available to host so that we can best match up artists and hosts!
After you finish the request, you will receive an email from Appointlet to confirm your request, and an email from us at King’s Theatre with follow-up information on payment and preparation for your show. If your second or third choice date works better within the artist’s schedule, we will help you arrange the show for that date and time.

Single Set: $175

Double Set: $250


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