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2019 Board of Directors·

Sheila Duggan, Chair

· Jane Borecky, Vice Chair

· Diane Clapp, Treasurer

· Flora Hall, Secretary

· Wilfred Allan

· Ernie Cassidy

· Keith Crysler

· Kenneth Knox

· Judith Luther-Wilder

· Thomas May

· Nancie McKinnon

· Nigel Wallace


Non-voting Members

Holly Sanford, Town Representative

Janet Larkman, General Manager



Susan Beattie, House Manager

Amber Boysen, Projectionist/Technician

Tracey Harnish, Bookkeeper

Scott Hubley, Box Office Manager

Janet Larkman, General Manager

Carol Tonkin, Box Office Manager

Dillon Tonkin, Computer, Projection, Sound and Light Technician

Brian Wambolt, Projectionist/Sound and Light Technician


Year-round Student Staff:

Sam Cooper

Hailey Halliday

Matilda Microys

Emily Olsen

Eden Tooker