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Thursday, August 15. 8:00 pm & Saturday, August 17. 8:00 pm


  • Peggy Baker Dance Projects (Toronto)
  • Performed by Peggy Baker
  • Choreography by Sara Chase

“In 2003 I turned to the dance artist Sarah Chase to make a work for me. Sarah creates in a genre she describes as dancestories, and preliminary to working together she set me the task of writing two stories for every year of my life… Sarah and I worked together to distill my writing as a dancestory titled unmoored. The episodes I recount in unmoored describe events during the 20-year arc of my marriage to the musician, composer, and disability rights activist, Ahmed Hassan.” Peggy Baker

“Peggy is a true dance bohemian: she knows how to play up against contemporary orthodoxy and turn it on its head. It’s why she is a great artist…There is always method in what she does, but what she does is always unexpected and always a joy to watch…” Mikhail Baryshnikov

Taking Breath

Created and performed by Naishi Wang (Toronto)

Born in Changchun, China, Naishi Wang began his dance training at Jilin College of Art and Beijing Dance Academy. Performing with Toronto Dance Theatre for 9 years Naishi is now creating his own works. Taking Breath explores how we take breathing and the air we breathe, for granted. What is it like without breathing? How does breathing affect our movement, our thoughts? When does breathing start to mean something? When will air start to matter to us?



Created and Performed by Lydia Zimmer (Halifax)

Moving between Toronto and Halifax, Lydia Zimmer is emerging as an unorthodox dancer and audacious choreographer. In Sonderling she has created a geometric and dark work inspired by an Irish rhyme from the 1700s. This absorbing piece explores eccentricity and letting the dark side out. “When does the methodical and organized become a form of derangement? How do our actions accumulate over a lifetime?”





  • Regular: $25
  • Youth: $12
  • Program 1 and 2 Package: $44 (if purchasing package online, please note requested show dates)







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