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Campy, brilliant and utterly bonkers, it’s no wonder this is a cult classic and a much loved favourite. The only way to watch this is to sing along as enthusiastically and loudly as possible and if you don’t wake up the neighbours and had a knock at the door from the police, you’ve failed.

It’s quite hard to describe the plot past “Brad and Janet’s car breaks down and they find themselves in a house” because that’s when all hell breaks loose. Singing, dancing, Meat Loaf and a man in very tight golden underwear is just a small part of the madness and it’s very, very fun.

PROPS: Prop bags will be available for sale. NO PROPS BROUGHT IN FROM OUTSIDE ARE PERMITTED. If you are in the front rows, throw back. If you are in the back rows, throw forward, and if you are in the middle rows, throw up. NEVER THROW THE ANYTHING AT THE SCREEN OR IN THE AISLES.

It’s not a movie, it’s an EXPERIENCE. First time experiencing The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Click here for some tips!

BAR OPENS AT 8:00PM. Prop bags will be available. (No rice please!)

All tickets $12. Reserve seating available. Price includes HST.

NOTE: This film contains mature content unsuitable for young audiences.

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