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These are unprecedented times, and WE NEED YOUR HELP MORE THAN EVER!

King’s Theatre is a not-for profit organization and a Registered Charity (CRA # 118981901 RR 0001).

Our aim is to bring you the world’s best in live performance and film at affordable prices.

The generousity of our patrons is what keeps the doors open and the curtains up year round. We thank you for your support!

Tax receipts will be issued for all donations. Tax Receipts are issued annually in the New Year.

*** Note: A Paypal account is not needed in order to donate by credit card (look for the Pay with a Credit Card option), with the exception of recurring donations.

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Special Donations Statement

During this unprecedented time, we are concentrating on keeping the theatre financially solvent and preparing for the day when we can once again open the doors to the community. Fundraising continues in order to pay our daily operating expenses. The hiatus in programming does, however, provide one golden opportunity and that is to undertake capital improvements to the building while it is closed. We are applying to various levels of government for grants to fund those improvements. Wherever possible, we will also apply for grants, as they become available, to support centennial programming in celebration of the Theatre’s 100th anniversary next year. We encourage and welcome any and all donations to support these initiatives. As we focus fundraising where it is most needed, we will not be accepting restricted gifts for any other purpose than capital and centennial projects during this time period. Thank you for your support!