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Wear Your Heart on Your Seat


We are pleased to announce that you can once again “wear you heart on your seat”. Dedicate a seat to someone you love, or choose a seat to celebrate your own connection with the Theatre.

It’s $250 for an individual seat or $450 for a pair. A brass plaque dedication will be mounted on the seat of your choosing, and will stay there for the next decade, and a certificate confirming your seat will be mailed to you.

A great gift for the Theatre-lovers in your life.



Please accept my donation for


Dedicate one seat ($250)

Dedicate two seats ($450)


  • All seats are subject to availability.  Should your seat(s)  preference not be available we will offer you alternative seats. There will be someone available to show you the auditorium every Tuesday during box office hours for the duration of the campaign. If you can’t make it on a Tuesday please call the Theatre and we will try to arrange a viewing time.
  • Naming a seat does not guarantee you any booking rights or advanced booking privileges but we will try to give you your dedicated seat if it is available when you purchase tickets to a live show.
  • The wording of your dedication to appear on the plaque must be within the limits of number of letters available on the plaque. 
  • Seat plaques are in place for 10 years starting from February 15, 2019.  When this time elapses you will be given first refusal to extend or rename your Seat Dedication.
  • If you would like to come and view your seat dedication once it’s in place please contact King’s in advance to arrange a suitable time.
  • Full Donation for the seat dedication must be received before the plaque is installed.